St Mary’s and St Peter’s Pre-school is located within the grounds of St Mary’s & St Peter’s Primary School. It provides for the educational and developmental needs of pre-school children (aged 3 and 4) and maintains very close links with the main school.

It is, however, currently run independently as a registered charity by a management committee of school governors, teaching staff and parents.

The Pre-school operates mornings and afternoons from Monday to Friday between 8.50am and 12.00am and in the afternoons between 12.20pm and 3.30pm during term time.

You can register an interest in the group at any time by filling in the form to the right and either posting it or bringing it into the main school office.

Pre-School Staff


Katie Boluda

Pre-School Assistant

Daljit Grewal

Pre-School Assistant

Michelle Dendy

Pre-School Leader

Wendy Jones

Deputy Pre-School Leader

Polly Sanders

Pre-School SENCo

Jane Wotton

Pre-School Assistant

Gulia Moontasir

Learning Support Assistant